HealthBridge gives your employees something your health plan alone can’t – financial security.

Rising deductibles are costing employees their peace of mind, to the point where some avoid care completely. That’s why we started HealthBridge – the first solution of its kind.

Good for Your People.
And Your Bottom Line.

Protect Employees Financially.

After an employee seeks care, we provide flexible, friendly payment options, alleviating the financial strain of having to dip into emergency savings.

Stop the Barrage of Bills.

Instead of getting multiple bills for care, we send your employees one, consolidated monthly statement. They can pay their balance over time, and even get a discount once it's paid in full.

Improve Workforce Wellbeing.

The majority of American employees say that financial stress impacts their physical and mental health. Since we alleviate that stress, HealthBridge is a surprising investment in overall wellbeing.

We’re a Benefit for Your Benefits.

HealthBridge is an employee benefit that complements your current health plan. When a member has a medical claim, HealthBridge covers the out-of-pocket costs immediately on their behalf. Then, we provide a consolidated monthly statement, plus friendly repayment terms, giving your people financial security and flexibility.

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