Restore the confidence that your members might be lacking.

Today, high deductibles are costing your members their peace of mind, which erodes the reputation of your program and brand. That's where HealthBridge comes in – and changes everything.

It's a Win-Win-Win.


By promoting financial security, HealthBridge improves the satisfaction of your members and increases the value they see in their health plan. It also reduces member care avoidance, which benefits all stakeholders involved.


Employers are overwhelmingly supportive of HealthBridge because it gives employees confidence to seek care under the company health plan without fear that seeking care may financially harm them. This enhances the value that employers and their employees see in their health plan.


By eliminating cost and friction in the current patient revenue cycle, HealthBridge helps strengthen your relationships with your provider network and helps maintain provider discounts over time.

A Radical Solution that Doesn’t Radically Change the Way You Do Business.

Our solution sits right alongside the health plan you offer employers. When a member has a medical claim, HealthBridge integrates with you to cover the out-of-pocket costs immediately on their behalf. Then, we provide a consolidated monthly statement, plus friendly repayment terms.

For your members, this means financial security and flexibility. For you, this means preserved network discounts and greater perceived value, as well as a number of other benefits.

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