Financial Security.

We Provide Something a Health Plan Alone Can’t – Financial Security.

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The Benefits of HealthBridge

Reducing Care Avoidance

More than ever, employees with high deductible health plans are skipping care, which has costly consequences. People stay sicker, for longer. Employers lose worker productivity. Providers see their outcomes erode. By giving employees financial security from the start, they can get care with confidence, and prevent the unhealthy ripple effect from happening.

Simplifying Billing

When an employee gets the care they need, HealthBridge pays their costs immediately – copay, deductible, and coinsurance included. Then HealthBridge sends a single, consolidated, monthly statement, providing more control and zero surprises. Employees can pay the balance upfront – at a discount – or over an extended period in manageable amounts.

Benefitting All

HealthBridge benefits everyone across the healthcare ecosystem – the provider, the patient, the employer, and the payer. It’s a radical solution that doesn’t require radical change. It just makes things better for all parties involved, and isn’t that what everyone wants from healthcare?

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Get the care you need now, and the financial security you need after.

Do high healthcare deductibles have you worried sick? Even when you have a good health insurance plan, out-of-pocket costs can feel out of your control, and the payment process can stress you out even more. That’s why there’s HealthBridge.

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Give your employees a financial safety net, so that when they want or need care, they can get it with confidence.

Our solution sits right alongside your company’s health plan. When a member has a claim, HealthBridge covers the costs immediately on their behalf. Then, we provide a consolidated monthly statement, plus friendly repayment terms, giving your people financial security and flexibility.

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The revenue cycle crisis has a pretty simple solution – ours.

Healthcare is costing people their peace of mind. And that includes people with insurance. Because deductibles are higher than people can handle, the payment process needs more than improvement. It needs a fundamental change – and HealthBridge provides it.

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We offer a radical solution that doesn’t radically change the way you do business.

HealthBridge promotes healthy lives and healthy bottom lines, while building loyalty across your network.

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