Financial Security.

A payment solution that works for everyone.

The Benefits of HealthBridge

A New Patient Payment Experience

Providers can improve their patient financial experience with HealthBridge’s first-of-its-kind solution. Patients can pay over time in manageable amounts with zero-interest, giving them the confidence to seek care when they need it.  No credit checks, no applications, no hidden fees– just consumer-protective terms that everyone wants from their healthcare provider.  

Helping Providers Manage Financial Risk

HealthBridge forward funds unpaid patient balances to Providers on a non-recourse basis, accelerating cash and eliminating administrative costs, allowing them to focus on what is most important to them - providing exceptional care to their Patients.

Benefitting All

HealthBridge benefits everyone across the healthcare ecosystem – patients, healthcare systems, health plans. Our approach to patient payments is a radical solution that doesn’t require radical change. It just makes things better for all parties involved - reducing cost and improving value for everyone.

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