Gah, it’s already 2nd Quarter ! I’m not sure about you, but for me, this year is flying by.  Wonder if it has anything to do with the overload of information we all seem to be getting every day on the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)?  If you seem to be permanently glazed over, let’s put on some rose-colored glasses and meet Amy, Carol and Kenna!  These ladies are continuing to make some serious strides, despite the shifts most everyone had to make in 2020!

Amy O’Meara Chambers, JD, COO and Co-founder, HealthBridge Financial, Inc.

“One year ago, my team of 45 was sent home to work for what we all thought might be a few months. Little did anyone know that we would be looking back a year later at a pandemic the world would experience as both a catastrophic health care and economic crisis. With HealthBridge, I co-founded a new category of employee benefit to help individuals pay for and manage high out-of-pocket health care costs.  What I have been most proud of in the last 12-months has not only been keeping this start-up alive and growing, but keeping my commitment to the many members who looked to us for financial security benefits in 2020. COVID helped reconfirm not only our corporate mission, but my own personal commitment to providing all people with a financial safety net so that when they need care, they can seek it with confidence.”

Carol Eddy, CFP®, Money Concepts Wealth Management & Financial Planning

“After being in the wealth management and financial planning business for 23 years, I decided in 2020 (before Covid became an issue) that I was going to focus on the clients I like working with the most. I have always been passionate about empowering women, so I decided to focus on working with more women in my practice. In April, I had more time because everything shut down. So, I ended up using that time to revamp my planning process and marketing strategy. I decided that all new clients will be on annual plans. This way, I am now able to provide life planning based on all their individual goals and dreams for retirement. I changed my complicated financial planning software to a three-bucket strategy (Now, Soon and Later). And finally, I decided to build my presence on LinkedIn and reached out to women in my local metro area. The rewards have been amazing. I’ve found so many ladies who are doing wonderful things in our community who have only inspired me to expand my connections with women and learn more.”

Kenna Ulbinsky, Voluntary Disruption

“2020 was a year of changes and awakenings for me. I was in my position for six months when COVID shut the world down. I was still finding my place in the company and was very unsure of myself. Last year turned out to be the eye opener that I needed in my personal and professional life. I realized that we are each in control of our own destinies based on the actions that we choose. I chose to take charge and work on my personal and professional growth. The pandemic forced a lot of us out of our comfort zones, but I am a firm believer that is where growth happens. I have formed so many relationships and have been introduced to many people that I may not have ever had the opportunity to meet otherwise. I am very thankful and look forward to what 2021 brings us!”