Get the care you need now and the financial security you need after.

Do high healthcare deductibles have you worried sick? Even when you have a good health insurance plan, out-of-pocket costs can feel out of your control, and the payment process can stress you out even more. That’s why there's HealthBridge.

HealthBridge is a first-of-its-kind benefit solution that sits right alongside a company’s health plan. When a member has a medical claim, HealthBridge covers the costs immediately on their behalf. Then, we provide that member a consolidated monthly statement, plus friendly repayment terms, giving them financial security and flexibility.

High deductibles don’t have to cause high stress. HealthBridge becomes a financial safety net, so that when employees want or need care, they can get it with confidence.

The Perks of Having HealthBridge.

Financial Security. Finally.

Getting care shouldn’t send you into financial panic. That’s why, after getting the care you need, HealthBridge pays your medical costs immediately – copay, deductible, and coinsurance included.

One Bill for Once.

Ever get a healthcare bill, then another, then another? HealthBridge sends you a single, consolidated, monthly statement, providing more control and fewer surprises.

Pay Now or Pay Later.

HealthBridge gives you the option to pay your balance upfront at a discount, or over a longer period of time. How’s that for financial flexibility?

Manage Your Account Securely, Within Your Member Portal.

As a HealthBridge member, you can see your bill, pay your bill, and reference past statements inside your Member Portal. With the proper authorizations, you can also manage everything for your family members.

See everything at a glance in this easy-to-use interface, accessible 24/7.

High Deductibles Don’t Have to Cause High Stress.

HealthBridge becomes a financial safety net, so that when you want or need care, you can get it with confidence.

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